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New Peverelist Beats

Peverelist is on a bit of hot streak at the moment, here's some of his new music for your delectation and appreciation....

Peverelist & Kowton - Beneath Radar [Livity Sound]

A bristolian tête à tête here as Pev and Kowton trade remixes for the first release on Peverelist's new label Livity Sound. Limited edition, hand stamped white label business, this would be a gem in any collection...

Buy (+ soundclips): Punch Drunk Music // Hard Wax

Ricardo Villalobos, Max Loderbauer, Peverelist - Tshetsha Boys Remixes [Honest Jons]

Remixes of the South Anmerican 'Shangaan Electro' genre. Intrigued? You should be. FACT Mag explains the what and the why far better than we ever could so take a gander...

"There have been whispers on the vine for some weeks now, but it’s now been confirmed: Honest Jon’s have commissioned remixes of Shangaan Electro tracks by some of the finest Western producers around.

For the uninitiated, let’s backtrack slightly: Shangaan Electro was the name of a compilation released by Honest Jon’s last year. Curated by Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Hard Wax) and HJ’s label manager Mark Ainley, it featured some of the best examples of the titular South African dance phenomenon, a synthesized, marimba-heavy and high-speed update of traditional Shangaan music. The comp focussed on the output of Nozinja Studio in Soweto, including such artists as Mancingelani, BBC, Tshetsha Boys and Nozinja himself.

“We don’t use the sounds of the hip-hop guys, or the afro-pop, or whatever, we’re using Shangaan sounds,” explained Nozinja at the time. “The traditional Shangaan music is fast. You play it slow, they won’t dance. Firstly it was played with bass and lead guitar. I’m the one revolutionized it, because when I came I didn’t use any guitar or any bass, I just used marimba and the organs. We are not using the live bass, we are using the marimba bass which is played from the organ. A small sample of voices, that’s what I specialize in. We use them in English. Those are the new aspects they never had before. At first people thought I was mad, and now it’s the in-thing. You can play that music with bass, that’s the old-timer music.”

Since then, Honest Jon’s have released a full artist album from Foster Manganyi, Ndzi Teke Riendzo, and now are set to release no less than five Shangaan Electro 12″s in quick succession. Two of these are EPs of original material from Tsetsha Boys and Tiyiselani Vomaseve, and then three remix 12″s. The first features two mixes of Tshetsha Boys by Mark Ernestus, the second featuring a mix of BBC by Detroit techno superhero Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir and one by Oni Ayhun (the latter listed as a remix of Shangaan Electro, so presumably Oni has drawn upon sounds from a variety of tracks from the original comp). Lastly, a 12″ featuring more mixes of Tshetsha Boys, this time by Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer and Peverelist.

A tweet from Will Bankhead, Honest Jon’s esteemed sleeve designer, alerts us to a page where you can listen to clips of all the tracks. From these, we have to say that it’s the Peverelist and Ernestus versions that are most immediately striking – Peverelist artfully bending those opalescent synth sounds into one of his own patented, poised steppers, the Hard Wax boss turning out his most techno-leaning productions in years."

Buy (+ soundclips): Honest Jons

Hot Flush - Boiler Room #58

Hot Flush + Boiler Room? Nuff said.

Tune in live from 8pm tonight for some of the finest electronic music your ears will ever have the pleasure of ingesting.

Scuba - Radio 1 Essential Mix

Recorded live at the recent Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Scuba graced the world famous Radio 1 Essential Mix last night, that also featured a set from Redlight & Dread MC. Listen again using the link below...

Listen again on iPlayer

Scuba Tracklisting:
Boddika - Rubba [Swamp81]
Brawther - Spaceman Funk (George FitzGerald Remix) [Secretsundaze]
Boddika - Windy [Unreleased]
Jon Convex - Pop That P [Unreleased]
Deadboy - Wish U Were Here [Numbers]
SCB - Mace [Unreleased]
Jichael Mackson - Gti [Stock5]
Paul Woolford & Psychotron - Stolen [Unreleased]
Joy O - Ellipsis [Unreleased]
Maurice Donovan - Babeh [SSSSS]
Rod - Malmok One [Klockworks]
Scuba - Adrenalin [Unreleased]
Beaumont - Lucky [Kinnego]
Marcel Dettmann - Lattice [MDR]
SCB - Loss [Aus Music]
Boddika - Acid Battery [Unreleased]
Tommy Four Seven - Surma [CLR]
Scuba - Feel It [Hotflush]

Jon Convex - Modern Amusement Podcast 009

Our man Jon Convex has recently put together an episode of the excellent Modern Amusement podcast with an hour and a half mix of his influences. Get downloading using the link below, well worth a few megabytes on the ipod...

(right click, save as)

Jon Convex - Convexations EP [3024]

As half of acclaimed duo Instra:mental Damon Kirkham consistently pushed boundaries and challenged people's perceptions of what should be what in electronic music. This pioneering spirit and headstrong attitude carries on in his solo material as Jon Convex, the debut release of which has now landed on Martyn's perennially forward thinking 3024 label.

Effortlessly unique and defying categorisation the music on offer here is testament to Kirkham's scope and range as a producer and provides further evidence, if it were needed, that he is one of the most inspiringly peerless producers out there at the moment.

Buy: Boomkat // Bleep

Jon Convex - Convexations 3024-014A by 3024world

Sigha - Sigha EP [Hot Flush]

Sigha's fifth outing on Hot Flush confirms his status as one of the label's core artists. Having flirted with the Techno sound and aesthetic earlier in his career, this release cements his arrival in purely Techno territory and puts him firmly at the forefront of the UK resurgence in the genre. Both sides of the record contrast nicely and demonstrate his adeptness at creating different moods and atmospheres, with the A side showcasing a more electronic, 'traditional' sound and the B going in a touch deeper and experimental. Absolutely essential.

Buy: Boomkat // Bleep

Sigha - Sigha EP [HF029] by Hotflush

Slugabed - Moonbeam Rider EP - Out Today!

After making some serious noise with his huge remix of Roots Manuva’s ‘Witness (1 Hope)’, Slugabed’s long awaited and highly anticipated debut release on the mighty Ninja Tune is finally upon us.

The 6 track ‘Moonbeam Rider EP’ perfectly encapsulates what this exciting young producer is about right now; low-slung beats, soaring synth melodies and a healthy dose of the absurd. He is hard at work on his debut album for the label so consider this your introduction to his sound, you’re going to be hearing a lot more of it over the coming years....

Here's a quick preview from Slugabed's soundcloud page:


Or you can hear the individual tracks, buy the EP and download a free Slugabed track over on the Ninja Tune site.

You can of course buy from all the usual retailers too, such as Bleep & Boomkat amongst many others...

Moonbeam Rider EP

Released 06/06/2011

Greg Feldwick aka Slugabed is on a roll right now. Newly signed to Ninja Tune, for whom he remixed Roots Manuva’s “Witness” as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, he has recently played at the legendary Berghain club in Berlin, launched Brighton club night Donkey Pitch’s record label with the track “Donkey Stomp,” toured Canada and remixed both Eskmo and Stateless for his new home label. Now he presents his first EP for Ninja, five tracks deep and, in the words of The Quietus, crafting “all the best bits of current American pop culture and distilling it along with UK bass music into a typically sceptical Brit attitude.”

Epic, spacey, channelling funk and soul through stumbling, glitched-out electronics and slathers of unfeasible bass, Slugabed is a man of many styles. “Moonbeam Riders” filters some of the crunching hip hop attack of the LA Beat scene, “Tomorrow Morning” is 2-step with extra wobble, “Nu Krak Swing,” well, the title should give you some idea about that one. Funny, clever, referential, sometimes moving and never anything but completely himself, Slugabed is a substantial new presence in UK bass music.

Originally from Bath but now based in London, Feldwick has had releases with Stuff, Ramp and Planet Mu, plus remixes for the likes of Starkey, Eprom and Kelpe as well as his legendary unofficial remix of Pharoah Monche’s “Simon Says.” Key supporters have included Benji B and Mary Anne Hobbs. With his debut album nearing completion many more will be coming on board soon. Take a ride…

Surefire Agency: New Roster Additions

New Roster Additions : June 2011
Demdike Stare / Jon Convex / Kangding Ray / Mark Ernestus / Rob Hall / Sigha

As constraints and boundaries within electronic music continue to dissolve, Surefire are proud to announce the addition of these extremely talented artists to our roster.

Demdike Stare [Modern Love]

Demdike Stare is the occult themed collaboration between Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker (aka MLZ). Using the stepping stones of vinyl and VHS history as inspiration, and obscure hardware as the means, Demdike Stare create ethereal music that emanates from the unconscious.

Available for Live AV or DJ sets.

XLR8R Podcast // Modern Love // Soundcloud

Jon Convex [NonPlus+ / Naked Lunch / 3024]

Making his name as one half of revered duo Instra:mental, Damon Kirkham’s latest sonic explorations have already turned plenty of heads. As Jon Convex he stands as an exciting embodiment of the state of electronic music today: no longer confined by restrictive genre boundaries, producers can allow their creativity to take over with no limits.

FACT Mix // Convex Industries // NonPlus+ // Soundcloud // Facebook

Kangding Ray [Raster-Noton]

Kangding Ray's music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way of merging beats and textured soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions. KR combines machines with real instruments in a subtle and rythmic suite, integrating noises, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, voices and field recordings. The result is a blend of deep advanced grooves and dark atmospheres, that one could describe as abstract bass music. His third LP for the Raster Noton label, entitled 'OR', has just been released and you can listen to some clips here.

Available for Live AV solo shows or with 3 piece band.

KR solo video // KR with band video
Kangding Ray Homepage // Raster-Noton

Mark Ernestus [Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound]

Mark Ernestus is the founder of the legendary Hard Wax record store, which in 1989 laid the foundation for Berlin's electronic club music scene. He played a key role in establishing the Berlin-Detroit nexus, and started creating music as one half of Basic Channel (aka Maurizio), with its deep, immeasurably influential hybrid of dub and techno. As Rhythm & Sound, the duo refined this signature sound alongside a range of vocalists, most extensively Tikiman, besides reggae legends like Cornell Campbell and Sugar Minott.

Ernestus’ DJ sets feature dub and reggae, mostly instrumental, from deep roots to militant steppers, roughneck electronics to digi minimalism, heavyweight doom to hardcore uptempo. Typically, Mark appears with Tikiman on the mic (as intro man, MC, singer), mixing with live effects and treatments, dubwise.

Hard Wax // Basic Channel

Rob Hall [Skam]

Rob Hall’s DJ style is unique and stems from an uncompromising passion for all things electronic; music and otherwise. The distinct and refreshing sound that is characteristic of Rob’s performances can be attributed to the breadth of his taste and his confidence as a selector. Closely associated with both Autechre and the Skam Records label, and as part of the legendary Gescom project, Rob has consistently been at the forefront of developments in music and technology for almost 20 years.

May 2011 Mix // Skam // Soundcloud // Homepage

Sigha [Hot Flush / Our Circula Sound / Blueprint]

James Shaw aka Sigha (pronounced as 'sire') is one of a small nucleus of producers and DJs at the forefront of a resurgence in UK Techno. As a member of Scuba’s Hot Flush family since late 2008, his releases on the label chart his progression into purist Techno territory, as well his outings on his own 'Our Circula Sound' imprint and James Ruskin’s seminal Blueprint label.

Mnml Ssgs Mix // Tumblr // Soundcloud // Facebook // Our Circula Sound

Kangding Ray - mnml ssgs Mix

One of several exciting new additions to the Surefire family, Berlin’s Kangding Ray has just put together a special mix for the esteemed mnml sggs blog. Timed to coincide with the release of his latest album ‘OR’ on Raster-Noton, (already described as 'one of the albums of 2011') the mix features layers and combinations of different compositions to make something wholly new and unique. The ssgs crew really have a knack of securing truly excellent mixes from all the artists they approach and this is no exception. Get downloading by clicking here.

Steve Reich "Come out" + Rhythm & Sound "Outward"
Oneohtrix Point Never "Returnal feat. Antony (Fennesz Remix)" + Mark Fell "Multistability 1-B"
Deadbeat "Loneliness and reverly" + These New Puritans "Drum Courts - Where Corals Lie"
Coh "Andante Facile" + Pole "Alles Klar"
Nam June Paik "My jubilee ist unverhemmet" + Alva Noto "Future"
Ben Frost "Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes" + Ricardo Villalobos "Fools garden (black conga)"
Ø "Ionos" + Emeralds "It Doesn't Arrive"
Richie Hawtin "00:24" + Deaf Center "Lobby"
Various Production "Infinity (xx cover)" + Senking "Breathing Trouble"
Pomassl "Tandem distiller" + Lissom "Bask"
Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)" + Ital Tek "Tokyo freeze (Remix)"
Codes in the Clouds "The Distance Between Us (Nils Frahm Remix)" + Vex'd "Slime"

Sigha release on Blueprint

Another Surefire newbie, Sigha, is at the very forefront of the current resurgence in UK Techno. It's no surprise given the quality of the music he is crafting at the moment, such as...

I Am Apathy, I Am Submission EP [Blueprint]

His debut release on James Ruskin’s seminal label and probably his most straight up Techno tracks to date. It’s out right now and if it’s not in your bag you're doing something very wrong.

BP032 - I am Apathy, I Am Submission/ The Black House/ Between Here & Yesterday (Blueprint) by Sigha

Eprom @ Glade Festival

Alluded to on the blog last week, but here’s something a bit more official. Our man Eprom, currently on tour in the UK/EU, is going to be repping Glade festival on Saturday 11th June.

It promises to be one hell of a weekend so if you haven’t got your ticket yet (why not?!) you can still grab one of the last remaining few by clicking here. Be quick though, they won’t be around long...