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Update: Hieroglyphic Being & Demdike Stare

Resident Adviser just interviewed Hieroglyphic Being on their weekly "Exchange" podcast. If your interested check it out here.

"Hieroglyphic Being sounds like no one else. While the Chicago DJ/producer often cites the mentorship of Adonis and the memory of seeing Ron Hardy DJ as key influences on his career, the abstract, noisy dance music that he makes is quite clearly his own. Since 2008, the artist born Jamal Moss has released under the Hieroglyphic Being name in earnest and he's racked up an enormous discography in the process, one that has largely come through his own record label, Mathematics. Moss uses the imprint as a platform to also showcase largely unknown artists to the world. Its aim is to give young producers a leg up without taking a cut from publishing, a rarity in the music business. I spoke to Moss in Poland last month at the Unsound Festival as he prepared for his debut performance with Ital as part of RA's Live Exchange series. We talked about his music, his label and his record bag, which, believe it or not, features the likes of Simply Red."

Additionally last weeks Exchange podcast featured another Surefire artist, Demdike Stare. Both podcasts are pretty great, you can listen to the interview Demdike Stare here

"Demdike Stare don't have a love affair with the occult, but you'd be hard-pressed to tell that by listening to their music. Their dark, droning music has often been likened to the sort of thing you'd hear soundtracking a cult horror movie. But despite the sinister nature of the project, Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker, the duo behind Demdike Stare, are just about the nicest boys from Manchester you could ever hope to talk to. Meet them in person, and you'll soon realize that they're simply cratediggers obsessed with those aforementioned soundtracks. We talked to the duo in Poland at this year's Unsound Festival as part of our RA Live Exchange series and, among other things, found out how they almost bankrupted their record label, Modern Love, a few years ago."

New Addition :: PAN

We are pleased to announce that Surefire will now be representing PAN.
Lee Gamble, NHK'koyxen & Helm will join the roster ~ but we're also taking booking requests for PAN label showcases and would like to hear your interest in any artists which have released on the label.

NHK'koyxen will be touring Japan in January / February, Europe in March / April / May & the rest of the world from June onwards. Other PAN artists are available on request.

RBMA RADIO - PAN label special

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