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We are delighted to add another singular artist to the Surefire roster - Awesome Tapes From Africa - a leading exponent of African music who as a DJ brings a global perspective to the dancefloor.

A true ethnomusicologist, Brian Shimkovitz' started the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog in 2006 to encourage outsiders’ appreciation of the breadth of musical subcultures in Africa which he discovered whilst travelling there.

Brian has played an important role in promoting access to African music outside the continent.  The blog acts as a constant source of inspiration - providing undiscovered gems which are offered on the site as free downloads.

In 2011 ATFA developed into a critically acclaimed vinyl label, re-releasing records by African artists such as Bola, Dur-Dur Band, Hailu Mergia and just this week Penny Penny. The label plays an essential role in furthering Brian's mission to build an international audience for African music through touring and re-issues.

Drawing on his vast African cassette archive—which includes highlife, fuji, benga, tsonga disco, soukous, hip-hop, rhumba and ethio-soul, among countless other genres—his role now combines that of educator, promoter and selector, finding him DJ across the world at festivals, clubs, museums and cultural spaces.  HIs DJ sets on twin tape decks explore deep, regional sounds using analog-anchored agility not heard/seen anywhere else. 

If you have a spare afternoon - lose yourself in the extensive archive found on the blog:

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Awesome Tapes From Africa is available in 2014 for festivals, clubs and gigs.  For more info and available dates contact: