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Jon Convex

Damon Kirkham, aka Jon Convex, has a most unique ability to continually re-shape sounds, time and time again. Gripped by music from a young age, he first began producing when he was 17, completely intrigued by analogue machines. Many years and many metamorphoses later, his passion and talents are demonstrated through his successes as 1/2 of Instra:mental (with Al Green, aka Boddika), whose body of work as a production duo and label A&R’s is truly beyond conventional description. Originally known for their innovative take on the Drum & Bass sound, Instra:mental has since forged to become scene leaders, and key tastemakers, throughout various branches in electronic music. Their Nonplus+ imprint has revived the concept of experimentalism, embracing artists from all genres imaginable, and taking electronic music production into several new directions.

With Jon Convex, the name behind his latest sonic explorations, music transforms into surreal soundscapes, and takes the listener to another place, somewhere deep within his imagination. Images of dystopian cities and futuristic landscapes are fuelled by his intricate, layered productions, with finely tuned melodies and intense drum workouts. Letting the machines guide him, he creates entirely unique analogue platforms, whether with a sublime atmospheric nod to Warp’s early back catalogue, or with a slight tinge of Chicago’s raw, percussive footwork sound, or with the tough, tearing feel of techno: all-out dancefloor assault.

Jon Convex stands as an exciting embodiment of the state of electronic music today: no longer confined by genres whatsoever, producers can allow their creativity to take over with no boundaries. Putting aside hype, and surpassing all expectations, each Convex production is as individual and surprising as the last.

After leagues of gigs as Instra:mental, the first Jon Convex DJ appearance landed in April in London, alongside likeminded groundbreakers AUX88, Radioactiveman (2 Lone Swordsmen) and Rob Hall, a fitting kick-start to what’s likely to be a longstanding DJing career. His DJing style is best displayed on his recent FACT mix, which they aptly described: “It’s rooted in the kind of tough, electro-powered house and techno sound that fans of Boddika and recent Instra:mental will instantly connect with, a sound which despite its all-important steppers’ bounce is, at bottom,  undamentally about linear attack – it’s dissolute, hypnotic rave music for the dankest, darkest warehouses, squat parties and club spots.” A full Jon Convex live show will be set after the release of his debut LP, which is set for release on Nonplus+ sometime within the next year.

His forthcoming releases, lined up from June 2011 until the end of the year are coming fast and from every angle - soon to be heard on Martyn’s 3024 imprint, Nonplus+, [Naked Lunch] and Autonomic. With a sound that undoubtedly defies categorization (as would be expected, with Jon Convex’s track history), it’s best left to the creator to explain the thought processes and ideas behind his futuristic, no-compromises, material.

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