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Update: Addison Groove Launches Record Label

That's right, the fresh news today is that everyone's talking about Addison Groove's new record label, Lost in Translation. Check out what Resident Advisor has to say about it, and as always FACT wants to chip in too.

Update: More Jon Convex

Our man Jon Convex is on everyone's lips at the moment. Take a look at his interview with Mixmag over here, which focuses on his work as the head of his own label Convex Industries. Plus there's also an exclusive selection of tracks to stream. When you're done with that, here's a conversation with Ibiza Voice to check out which is full of unexpected insights. We spoil you, we really do.

Update: Modern Love, Benjamin Damage and Hyetal

Modern Love Showcase
For those of you who didn't catch Tuesday night's Boiler Room session, you missed out on a brilliant Modern Love showcase featuring the inimitable Demdike Stare, G.H.,  as well as main man Andy Stott. Check  out a recording here if you're a member, or grab a direct soundcloud stream over here.

Benjamin Damage
Also be sure to keep an eye for the forthcoming Benjamin Damage EP, to be released on the brilliant 50Weapons.

Brooklyn group Lemonade have called upon Bristolian Hyetal for remix duties on their latest single, 'Softkiss'. Have a listen.

Jon Convex: Idoru Available to Stream Now

The new Jon Convex album, Idoru, is now available to stream on FACT magazine for one week only.

From FACT: "Idoru finds Convex in sterling form, touching on Basic Channel dub-techno, pillow-talk electro and warped, rattling underground house, all bound together by allusions to a faded female subject in the album’s track titles – think the kind of unspoken narrative that exists in an album like Dopplereffekt’s Gesamtkunstwerk." 

Read an in-depth interview with the man himself while you preview the album. 

Surefire: Summer 2012: Update

JON CONVEX - debut album 'Idoru' out now : Asia, NZ + Australia availability

Never one to rest on his laurels, Jon Convex has been working hard on his long-awaited solo full-length, "Idoru", released on his own Convex Industries label on July 30th. The man is a master of eclecticism, as proved in a celebratory XLR8R mix, so "Idoru" is certainly worth the wait.

He is currently based in Sydney until October, so available for DJ sets in Australia and Asia until October, then back to the UK.

DEADBEAT - new album 'Eight' announced

Deadbeat by name but not by nature, Scott Monteith has been playing a slew of dates in his adopted hometown of Berlin. Following the success of last year's "Drawn and Quartered" album, we now have the succinctly titled "Eight" to look forward to - eight tracks of dub techno perfection set for release on September 10th...get ready.

Available for LIVE shows and DJ sets. Limited CD promos of album on request.

ADDISON GROOVE - new EP for 50 Weapons

Just what the doctor ordered, a new Addison Groove release. Fans who have been gratified with Groove's latest festival sets have been salivating for "Adventures in Rainbow Country", his forthcoming EP for 50 Weapons. To get you frothing at the mouth check out a preview of the track 'Button Moon'. Tasty!

Available for LIVE 808 shows and DJ sets throughout the year.

KANGDING RAY - new RA interview and EP released

Following the magnificent "Or" LP released on the Raster-Noton label last year, Kangding Ray has been asked to take part in Stroboscopic Artefact's Monad project,a series of releases which will showcase the brilliant creativity which electronic music is capable of. With works inspired by the four elements, the natural world and geometry, this is definitely a release to get excited about. Check out his recent interview with Resident Advisor to learn more...

Available for LIVE solo sets and with band throughout the year.

SLUGABED - new single out now on Ninja Tune

Mr. Greg Feldwick is a man whose generosity knows no bounds. Having bequeathed an excellent Darude remix to a musical landscape in which high and low culture are mixed to excellent effect, he has also unleashed a brilliant new single from the acclaimed "Time Team" album. Titled 'Mountains Come Out of the Sky', it features a vocal sample from prog-rockers Yes and remixes from
Lapalux, Kutmah and ARP101.

Available for LIVE and DJ sets throughout the year.

KUEDO - new live AV show with visuals from MFO

Following lavis praise for his 'Severant' album, Kuedo has had crowds across Europe desperate to watch him make musical magic, and releases like latest single  Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space', it's no wonder. Showcasing a brand new collaboration with visual artists MFO, his new live A/V show is an immersive experience sure to delight fans of 'Severant'.

Available for LIVE A/V sets (with visuals from MFO) throughout the year.


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