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October - Mix for Modyfier Blog

The newest addition to the Surefire family, Caravan Recordings boss October, dropped this heady mix of tracks, genres and styles that 'inspire him to make music' for the Modyfier Blog. Check it out...

"I decided to go with an all vinyl mix – all pitched down to minus 8 – and dig through my deepest vaults of Jazz, Africa, Space Disco, Rare-Grooves, Latin, Acoustic Tape Music, Easy Listening / Lounge, Weird stuff, Soul, Krautrock and some Buddhist spoken teachings talking about the happiness that can be found in sadness and how they are both the same thing. All this over Tangerine Dream’s ‘Hyperborea’.

It took me some time to write anything but I decided to keep it brief and to the point by simply saying: all elements in this mix are what inspire me to make music.

It’s the combination of the Soul, Jazz and Groove mixed with the sounds and rhythms of Africa, as well as the experimentation of tape recording and acoustics in the days of early recording – the most pioneering time in my opinion.

These are all elements that go into my process of music making.

I make music based on the sounds I hear. It’s sounds (like on this mix), that trigger something inside me, that means I must drop everything I’m doing, get down in the studio and start on something.

It’s rare that an emotional situation in my life can reflect on my music. Life certainly influences me but my ears are inspired and follow a completely different set of rules. They rule my process as a musician."

october - process part 253 by modyfier

01. Chick Corea - Magic Carpet (Warner Bros, 1980)
02. Vincent Montana Jr - A Dance Fantasy Inspired By Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Second Movement: The Toys Come To Life (Atlantic, 1978)
03. Roberta Flack - Feel Like Makin' Love (Atlantic, 1974)
04. Deniece Williams - Free (CBS, 1976)
05. The Floaters - Float On (CBS, 1978)
06. Barry White - You're So Good, You're Bad (20th Century Records, 1977)
07. Pointer Sisters - Hypnotized (Planet Records, 1978)
08. Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip - Do, Do, Do (Ariola/Hansa, 1978)
09. Quincy Jones - Tell Me A Bedtime Story (A&M Records, 1978)
10. John Cameron - Half Forgotten Daydreams (KPM Music Ltd, 1974)
11. Sabu and his percussion ensemble - Aurora Borealis (Columbia, 1958)
12. Wali And The Afro Caravan - Hail The King (Liberty/Capitol Records, 1974)
13. Cal Tjader - The Fakir (Verve Recordings, 1967)
14. Ron Carter - All Blues (Milestone Records, 1980)
15. John Keating - Space Agent (Columbia Quadraphonic, 1972)
16 Johnny Almond - Voodoo Forest (Decca, 1969)
17. Desmond Briscoe & Vera Gray - A Wish (EMI, 1966)
18. Tangerine Dream - Hyperborea (Virgin Records, 1983)
19. Unknown Artist - Sadness