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iTal Tek :: Mix for Percussion Lab

"iTal Tek has been releasing on Planet Mu since 2007 bridging the gap between IDM, dubstep and whatever we're knee deep in these days. Throughout, he's stayed true to his melodic signature while remaining relevant. We've been huge fans here at Percussion Lab ever since we heard "Red Sky" and are honored to present this exclusive "Summer 2011" mix from the man himself."

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Ital Tek - Whip It Up
Ital Tek - Skyline
Om Unit & Kromestar - Merkbah
J Dilla - Shouts Alt (Instrumental)
Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Slugabed Remax)
Ital Tek - War of the Ants
Photek - Aura
Ital Tek - Particle Zoo
Com Truise - Cathode Girls
Machinedrum - The Statue
Krome & Time - The License (Phillip D Kick Footwork Edit)
Ital Tek - Babel
Om Unit - Naiad
Africa Hitech - Go Wild
Ital Tek - Particle Zoo (Young Montana? Remix)