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Ital Tek Exclusive mix for URB Magazine

Feature over at URB Magazine

"Alan Myson’s a producer that resembles a chameleon at times; under the guise of Ital Tek, he is constantly shifting his sound to keep the same atmospherics as his previous tunes, with his previous landmark releases “Blood Line”, “Deep Pools” and 2009 LP Midnight Colour all maintaining his love for the spacey and mysterious. With his latest EP, Gonga, on Planet Mu, Myson explores the worlds of faster tempos, immersing himself in his own style of 160-BPM related calamity. Footwork is an obvious influence but his drum sounds, his structures are all a reversion to the singular sounds of past Ital Tek releases. Maybe that’s why everything he makes is still damn good. Ital Tek is always looking into the future, as evident in our small interview down below, but as of right now, he delivers URB an excellent and crafty mix in tempos that makes us want to get in that circle and see what we’re made of. Check out the interview, tracklist and mix after the jump."

Check out the new exlcusive mix for URB Magazine by Itel Tek here

URB Presents: Ital Tek

Om Unit – Swimming Dragon (Ital Tek Remix)

Ital Tek – Gonga

Ital Tek – Cobalt

Krampfhaft – Spit Thunder

Om Unit – Vibrations (Machinedrum Remix)

Chrissy Murderbot – Slang It

Ital Tek – Pixel Haze

DJ Earl – Hit Da Bootz

Kuhn – Slime Beach (Phillip D Kick Remix)

Deft – New York’s Finest (Ruff Nekz Get Ruff)

Kromestar – 2012

Ital Tek – Sun God beat

Kuedo – Onset (Escapism)

DJ Diamond – Wreckage

Plug – Feeling So Special

Ital Tek – Gonga (µ-Ziq Remix)