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Kangding Ray Live Session

Feature by mnml ssgs

"Without doubt one of our highlights in 2011 was Kangding Ray. Quality album, fantastic ssg mix, and a killer livepa. The good news is that he recently put together an excellent live studio session, which has now been archived on ustream. Unsurprisingly it is pretty awesome. There is a kind of controlled power in his sound that demands your attention. And the drums! I love this more beat-orientated direction Kangding has been taking recently and I hope he continues with it. Normally I don't bother with streaming online, but this is definitely worth it. Kangding Ray live is a special treat and the audio quality on this video is surprisingly good.

And for anyone in/near Berlin at the end of the month, Kangding Ray is playing at Berghain on 31 January, as part of the Club Transmediale festival. The same night will also feature Sendai (Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey) debuting their new live show. I would strongly recommend checking it out if you can. Indeed, I'd make every effort to go to as much of CTM as possible. The lineup this year is insane."