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Surefire Agency News: PEVERELIST

Tom Ford aka Peverelist has been busy in the studio with a glut of fresh tracks and remixes set to excite ears and feet across the globe. Here's what's coming up:

Dance Til The Police Come / Fundamentals [Hessle Audio] - OUT NOW!

Already mentioned on our blog but it's so good we're going to sing its praises once again. His debut 12" for Hessle is distinctly Peverelist with a unique, almost discombobulating groove but one that is eminently danceable. No one does it quite like him...

Peverelist 'Dance til the Police Come' by Peverelist

Peverelist 'Fundamentals' by Peverelist

Vessel - 'Nylon Sunset' (Peverelist remix) [Left_Blank Records] (Forthcoming)

Going in deep with a crisp, snappy 2 step garage beat that pays homage to the sound from which Dubstep was born, but layering some classic Pev percussion (the cow bell gets instant approval from us here at Surefire HQ) over the top. Strictly for the ravers!

Vessel 'Nylon Sunset' (Peverelist Remix) (Left_Blank Records) by Peverelist

Emptyset feat. Cornelius Harris 'Altogether Lost' (Peverelist mix) [Caravan Records] (Forthcoming)

A more subtle, eerie, almost introspective track, this is set for release on fellow Bristolian and Surefire brethren October's Caravan Recordings.

Emptyset feat. Cornelius Harris 'Altogether Lost' (Peverelist mix) by Peverelist

Sundance - Hessle Audio (Forthcoming)

People have been clamouring for this for quite some time now and it's finally going to see the light of day as part of Hessle Audio's '116 And Rising' compilation album. So fresh there's no sound clips, how about that!