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Surefire Artist Releases

SCB - Loss / Future Unknown [Aus Music] (Out Now)

The latest release from SCB, Scuba's Techno/House focussed alter ego, has just dropped on Will Saul's impeccable Aus Music label. 'Loss' is an uplifting, emotive slice of vocal tech house that shows a softer side to his production that is rarely seen whilst 'Future Unknown' takes things back into more 'traditional' SCB territory - slick, driving techno crafted with precision and poise.


Hot Flush - Back & 4th LP (Out Now)

Hot Flush's second compilation LP comes 4 years after the first, 'Space and Time'. Much like the first it perfectly demonstrates what the label is all about with the the 2xCD / 3xVinyl package consisting of 9 tracks from its impressive back catalogue as well as 10 brand new cuts from the likes of Sepalcure, Boddika, Roska and more. It's an album that provides a glorious re-living of this pioneering imprint's history whilst simultaneously allowing for a tantalising glimpse into its future. Essential.

BACK AND 4TH - Disc 1 by Hotflush

BACK AND 4TH - Disc 2 by Hotflush


Peverelist - Dance 'Til The Police Come / Fundamentals [Hessle Audio] (Out Now)

It's been a while since Peverelist has committed any new music to wax but he does so here on one of the foremost labels operating within the UK dance music scene, Hessle Audio. 'Dance Til The Police Come' is a full on rave anthem whilst managing to retain the brittle, percussive element that Hessle have become famous for. The flip, 'Fundamentals', is more of a 'traditional' dubstep track with rumbling sub bass and crisp snares that are, as the name suggests, the very fundamentals of the genre.

Peverelist 'Dance til the Police Come' by Peverelist

Peverelist 'Fundamentals' by Peverelist


Appleblim & October - NY Fizzz / Fountains Of Paradise [Schmorgasbord] (Released: 11/04/11)

Launching out of the sizzling melting pot of Bristol music, Schmorgasbord is a project that aims to stand testament to the generic ambiguity that characterises contemporary electronic music. Each release will force together the sonic aesthetics of two artists from different rhythmic disciplines, one being 4/4 (house, techno, disco) and the other being broken beat (dubstep, 2-step, hip hop), to see what happens when they tackle each others music.

This may take the form of a collaboration, as on the first release, or it may manifest in original productions and their ensuing remixes. As the early test results have shown, the underlying concept is as much as you can predict for just what this will bring for the label.

Two adventurous artists in their own right, PLATTER001 sees the first meeting of minds for Appleblim and October, with two wildly different results. ‘NY Fizzzzz’ is a peak-time belter in the truest sense of the word, launching to life with a rigid 4/4 drum machine stomp. Appleblim’s dub tendencies pepper October’s knack for the jack with spacious delays and reverbs before a muted piano hook gets filtered into the mix. Melting away to let the chords shine through, the drop encapsulates the pinnacle of any late night jam; bright, bold and brassy, and irresistibly catchy.

‘Fountains Of Paradise’ trickles in on a bed of rippling FX, guided by haunting, melodic synth flourishes that only vintage gear can conjure up. The rhythm section ticks away faithfully as the distinctly psychedelic tones and drones shape the definitive 21st century dub track. Blissful in its execution, ‘Fountains…’ will stand the test of time as a magically unique slice of delectable ambience.

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